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Episode Info:

Yu-Gi-Oh Kai!
Edited by 1KidsEntertainment
Special Guests:
1KidsEntertainment as Ash Ketchum
Nowacking as Misty
xJerry64x as Brock
Kirbopher as Noah Kaiba
GanXingba as Gansley #1
HBI2K as Gansley #2
Takahata101 as Krump
KaiserNeko as Johnson
MasakoX as Nesbitt
Lanipator as Lector
Antfish as Gozaburo
Additional art by Krosecz
The only episodes not shown in the flashbacks are "Magnum Farce" and "Melvin'd".
The episode title references Team Four Star's "Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged". Dragon Ball Z Kai is a revised and shortened version of the
 Dragon Ball Z anime; likewise, Team Four Star's Kai Abridged is a very shortened and sped up version of their DBZ Abridged series, with original content. (This is similar to what YGOTAS already did in "A Tale Of Two Tournies".) The clip show format results in an episode with the same pace as the DBZA Kai ones.

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