Advanced Card Games have all been stolen by Marik!

This video is a Mirror of the original youtube video uploaded by LittleKuriboh. you are getting our backup mirror because of a problem preventing the original from playing.

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Episode Info:

Age-Sex-Life Points
star chips or gtfo
Come see us at Anime Expo! We'll be set up next to TeamFourStar at one of the Shark Robot booth!
BoobsMcBalrog as Mai Valentine
Nowacking as Skull Dice & Dark Magician Girl
Takahata101 as Dartz
Edited by OneKids
This is a Joey episode! If you're not from Brooklyn, we recommend watching with subtitles.
Most important of all Kaiba flying his Blue-Eyes White Dragon jet with Mokuba
Joey also learns that there are words on trading card..

Origional YouTube link: Video taken down, please use a mirror from below if needed:
Mirror 1:InternetArchive/%/Episode69.mp4
Morror 2: FloydCraft/%/Episode69.mp4

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